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First short film ever, made for the Nikon Film Festival

After learning that his ex, Rose, had rebuilt his life with his best friend, Paul is in the middle of a nightmare. So when he discovers photos of them more in love than ever on social networks, Paul collapses. He then decides to get pills capable of plunging him into lucid dreams... And discovers the liberating power of dreams.

219th / 1605 in the public ranking

On an original idea by Audrey Bourdier and Thibaud Venat 

Produced by Lisa Phée, 

Directed by Audrey Bourdier 


Actors: Thibaud Venat, Margaux Lapersonne, Guillaume Carita, Thomas Poisson

Figure & Silhouette:Caroline Vitali, Lisa Phée, Adam Rebergue

Ass. Real. :Lisa Phee

Head operator :Thomas Poisson

Sound engineer :Melissa Saadna

HMC:Elodie Toublanc

Editing Picture:Thomas Poisson and Audrey Bourdier 

Calibration :Thomas Poisson

Sound editing and mixing:Lucas Beuneche

Original composition:Lucas Beuneche 


Concert recording

When contemporary music and its baroque ancestor intertwine their vibrations and their instruments, what emerges? A contemporary and flamboyant oratorio, no less. Which soothes us and strikes us in turn.

On stage, seven performers. Some totally pop. Others, truly baroque, whose viola da gamba, cello, organ and harpsichord are juxtaposed on materials and synthetic, electronic sounds. Their timbres mingle with the choir and its melodies. To the limpid voice of Fred Nevché delivering a new version of one of his compositions, “Valdevaqueros”. Excerpts from the baroque repertoire respond to this, from Flow my tears (John Dowland) to Che si Può Fare (Barbara Strozzi)...

For one evening, Fred Nevche takes us with him to the beauty of Baroque music and offers a strange and organic Oratorio. Strings, harpsichords and blowers, then let hatch a contemplative, almost dreamlike sweetness. All you have to do is let yourself be carried away.

Directed by :Bertrand Jamot


Production :company Les Dits sont de Là

Executive production:Cooperative Grand Bonheur


Pictures:Audrey Bourdier, Laurent Duret and Bertrand Jamot

Live sound, sound recording & mixing: Cyril Pelegrin

Lights:Second Design - Dan Azzopardi


Production follow-up & communication: Francois Gautreau

Production manager :Damien Roux

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Interview Camille Rodriguez - Sensaterra

"So this is it, the big jump?!" What a funny way to congratulate someone who decides to take on a new project!

Taking the plunge, jumping into the void. The image is striking; even more so if, like me, you have always been afraid of heights. The image is striking, yes, but also relevant: because jumping into the void is jumping into the unknown. 

All those who have one day decided to take another direction and "launch themselves" have gone through this: through the deconstruction of their beliefs, through this fear that they have one day accepted to ignore. I wanted, through this mini-series of episodes, to pay tribute to those who have, one day, shown boldness. All of them have since turned their lives upside down: but if fear was the common point of my interviewees, I remain convinced that they have all, before and after, faced other equally intense emotions.


Addressing the subject of emotions in the world of work: this is a subject that has always fascinated me. With them, I am eager to discuss these issues that generate many ills: imposter syndrome, generalized anxiety, or the search for meaning and fulfillment: how do emotions play a role in their daily work?

Interview produced, conducted and edited by Audrey Bourdier

with Camille Rodriguez, Co-founder Sensaterra

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