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I have always loved to observe interiors. It always tells a story about its owners. Reflecting the mood, the atmosphere and the beauty ... is a discipline that I love: it implies wandering through the spaces, as all its occupants do, in order to discover the little details that add that je ne sais quoi, those assets that make it feel good, like home. 


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There is something powerful and noble about manual trades that has always fascinated me. The art of working with your hands is beautiful, and freezing it is always a very satisfying exercise. Promoting this know-how, its men and its gestures, reflect its beauty and its technicality   while setting the scene: what a great way to shoot! 

© Audrey Bourdier - Colonnes de Buren

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Showing you as you really are, is for me the most important thing. To capture a moment of life, with your lover, your family, your friends or alone, my key point is simple: have fun. Because we don't always like ourselves in front of a camera, we are not always at ease... A photo session should never be synonymous with stress, but a new opportunity to have fun. You are never more beautiful than when you forget the lens... And I intend to prove it to you!